Monday, May 25, 2009

Coyote Landscape WIP

This is a piece I've been working on for quite awhile. Between the fact that spring has come with all the work that entails, the technic I've been using on this is miniature style, highly detailed and this is a bit larger piece- 5"x7", so technically this is not a miniature, but a small work. There is so much to paint that it really took alot of time.
I did a quick sketch of my idea first, then transferred it to the support and began painting. You can see- a painting has to go through the "ugly" stage before it begins to pull together!
Hope you all have a gread Memorial weekend.

I've repainted the stream to a better color than the original and have reposted it as it is now. I believe it is better and more realistic. It was too "blue" previously and didn't blend well.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Brand New Puppies!!!

It's spring and such a busy time my painting has been taking a beating time-wise. Yesterday was supposed to be a painting day- but my chihuahua decided it was TIME!!! So I spent the day at her side- waiting, waiting, waiting. It took all day, she wasn't in distress, just showing the signs and I was afraid to leave her alone for more than a few minutes. Last evening about 7pm we began to have our first baby- by 9pm we had 3! A boy and 2 girls. All about 5 ounces. Thought you might like to see Mama and her new family. Mama isn't her usual "pretty" self- she's had a lot of work to do! Also- as you can see she "hides" her food and water which keeps me busy cleaning out the paper from her waterbowl! The babies are "squirmy" so they are hard to hold and photograph, but you can see they're pretty tiny- 2 fit in one hand with ease!
Hope you have a great holiday weekend, and stop to remember and honor our military, past and present.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring, busy spring!

Wow, what a busy week, and more to come. We had a wonderful weekend of family time this past weekend. My whole family got together for a steak grill-fest on Sat., then I drove home with my youngest daughter and spent the night with her family so I could enter a small local artshow in her hometown for fun. I did well, a first and a second place so a check to help pay for the gas to get there! :-)
I've been planting/potting up my flowers to make the summer more enjoyable. I just can't seem to live without my flowers. Tomorrow I hope to be back at the easel for at least a little while.
I've posted an updated photo of myself- at my mini easel ofcourse- and also another miniature painting - an elk calf I saw last fall in Yellowstone. What fun that was - a whole herd of them in amongst the buildings at the north end of the park. I had to add my own background as he was surrounded by houses and such. I'm adding a close-up shot with a penny so you can get a feel for the size and detail involved in a miniature.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ducklings, Ducklings, Turtles and More!

WOW- What a gorgeous day I had Wed.! The weather was spectacular, the sights at Como even better! I went intending to try and find the ducklings- hardly was out of the car when I saw the cutest little boy with a HUGE hat playing in the dirt. Couldn't get to the camera quick enough so missed that shot but got a wonderful one of his "dandelion for mom". Would have loved to just follow him around the lake! But I was there for a purpose- ducklings, so... Ducklings I got! I can't believe the lovely shots I got- what fun they will be to paint. I even splurged and got some enlarged just to put up in my studio to enjoy when next winter hits! As always-turtles galore as well. They are so fun to watch, but so wary. You can't get too close- they're gone, ker-splash!
I had hoped to go out again yesterday in another direction but my back and leg just wouldn't let me. Perhaps next week. If so, I'll be glad I waited! This is the most beautiful time of year and so short.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Weekend Jaunts

My husband Robert and I spent the weekend out and about enjoying the beautiful spring weather. We spent Sat. at a wildlife refuge and actually saw quite a bit of wildlife!!! What fun to get to watch these creatures in their natural surroundings, and on such a beautiful day. Robert is so patient, putting up with me traipsing off to capture photos of deer or birds, leaving him just "hanging out" so that we don't have too many "bodies" making animals nervous. The wetlands were full of marsh marigolds in bloom, just beautiful to behold. Again, there I am, on the boardwalk, kneeling down, hanging off, taking closeups while he waits patiently on me- however long it takes!

I decided we needed to get out and do something without the camera on Sun. (Boy, was I kicking myself later for not bringing that camera!) So we went for a walk around Como Lake with the "studio buddies". It was another gorgeous day. People were out all over enjoying the day. The chihuahuas got alot of attention, which ofcourse they loved. It was a glorious walk and even though we were in the middle of the city there was alot of wildlife to enjoy. We saw 2 pairs of muskrats, loads of turtles sunning, birds galore, and a number of ducks. I started the "kicking" part when 2 of the mama mallards brought out their adorable fuzzballs. So I'll be going back on my own tomorrow with camera in hand. I should know better, but if I take it Robert again finds himself definitely NOT the center of attention!
I believe I got a few good shots I will be painting in the future, especially one piece I have planned for the deer. It will need several shots to make it work, but I got enough to put together the composition I want. One good piece from an afternoon is all I ask!
I hope you are able to get out and enjoy nature this spring- often. It's so good for the soul.