Friday, March 25, 2011

Puppy update

This fellow is a bit younger in this photo, need to get an updated one.

I'm a bit slow at updating since I'm so lost on this new computer, but... they're worth waiting for!!! Here they are at 4 wks old. They are getting to be little lovers, licky, licky! 2 are long coats, my very first ones. The personalities are coming out now, and the tails, they are a-waggin'. SO CUTE...

There's a painting in here somewhere- I just know it!

This last puppy is also a bit younger, again need to update. It's difficult to get a good photo sometimes, they just WON'T hold still!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I also finished the garden scene a few days ago. Again, color isn't quite correct. The rocks are a bit darker in the shadow areas, and appear "brighter" along the sunlit tops. It is actually prettier than this, but this will have to do...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New puppies and art

I have a very difficult time getting photos of this miniature in focus. I did the best I could for now. I will have to try again and will repost/redo these if I get better ones. For now though, at least you can see the results of alot of hours. The feet always give me fits. They are about the size of a small flat pea to give you some idea of size. I plan to send him off to a show, just not sure yet which one. :-) He is sculpted in tupelo, painted in acrylics. Unfortunately the colors are washed out as well. I have a new computer and just have no idea how to "fix" things at all.
(I've reposted, they are somewhat better photos.) :-)

We've also had some excitement the past 2 weeks. Snuggles had puppies and they are so much fun to watch growing. She had FIVE!!! What a shock that was! Mama and babies are all doing well so far and I am having fun watching them grow.

New Puppies!!!

2 weeks old- well fed and comfy. :-D