Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm BACK!!!!

I've been MIA for quite awhile now. Life isn't always kind, gentle, or undemanding! We managed a trip to Ohio and TN in May- attended a harp gathering and then spent alot of time in the Great Smokies enjoying the scenery, the people, motorcycing, etc. Also got to enjoy dinner and conversation with friends and fellow miniature artists Wes and Rachelle Siegrist while in Townsend. Our garden was in late, and then cool weather, so now it has been keeping me busy freezing and canning, while I also try to help my dad out with my mom 3 days a week (alzheimers). That has eaten up a huge amount of my time- thus no blogging...
We did get to have a quick family campout which was a wonderful time.

I hope to get back on track, posting weekly or so again. I promise to have more art to post soon. The harp and the art have taken quite a beating this summer, sadly.

Our family campout in Aug. Love our time together.
I absolutely love this photo...
Toenail polish?

This was the miniature show at Brio gallery in Galena, IL in Aug.

I am fascinated by all things nature... this is a TN beetle.

A few IL cattle. I love cattle- their faces are so cute!

A harp "tasting" (you get to listen to a bunch of them!)

Twins!With our harp twins...

Great fun at the harp gathering.

Dinner and good company with our friends, Wes and Rachelle Siegrist in TN.

Robert- relaxing, waiting, waiting for me to finish photographing - he does this alot with great patience. :-)

On one of our bike rides in the Great Smokies...