Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogger doesn't like me!!!

It has been quite awhile since I've posted. Some of that is my fault (and Christmas), but I have difficulties getting on blogger sometimes. It asks me to sign in, I do, it asks again, over and over, never accepting me in. Then a different day I get right in!!! Very strange.

I want to wish everyone a Happy, if belated, New Year as well. Here's hoping the new year will bring us into better times.

OK, here is what I've been working on: finishing a fish carving for my daughter. Painting the pelican, touching up a couple of pieces that I'd done awhile back, decided I wasn't happy with.

Now I'm painting a new piece, but no photos of it yet. I'll post the fish carving (not mounted yet unfortunately). I have to wait for my husband's help to drill out the base before I can mount the fish. Am afraid of slipping doing it alone and ruining the piece that's carved for the base.

Here's the pelican wip - painting the back feathers, the breast and belly are also painted, just no photo...

This is a princess parrotfish. This is NOT a miniature. They are rather strange looking fish (parrotfish). They also do something rather unusual when they sleep- they form a "bubble" around themselves of a clear substance. I imagine it is a form of "early warning" protection. But if something gets that close... But then, perhaps the bubble "stuff" would confuse the predator. There are alot of different ones. I chose this one because of the colors and subtleties of color change. You can see a bit of it in the photos if you look closely. There is a light, soft blue, turquoise, green over turquoise (just barely hinted at), orangey-salmon going into purple-pink, etc. He was a challenge to find reference for, and then to paint. I will be glad when he's finished and sitting in his new home!