Sunday, August 9, 2009

Out of the Mire

Says Coyote, "Continue on the journey of the art. Give a hint of the sadness which has filled a life, let it be known that great sadness can lead to great depth of feeling. That is enough."
So Crow continues the story of the woman...

The woman sank deep into her despair, nearly drowning in it. But there came a time when she grew strength. In that strength she gathered herself and became determined to find her life again. She did not know how, but she did know if she were to once again be whole she must continue her artistic journey. She must take back her artistic soul. It was who she was. Once again she took up the search for more knowledge, more ability to express herself, and once begun her world became clearer and brighter. There would always be a cloud, it would perhaps never be quite as bright, but in that shadow was the ability to not be blinded by the brightness and to feel more deeply than ever before.
To feel what another might feel in an experience not personally known, because of what her life had taught her. She had more depth to her soul. Gradually her world became a happier place and she could look back upon that darkness with an inner pride. She had not been overcome by the despair, but instead it had enriched her being!


Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

So touching Carol, I got goose bumps - the beautiful music adds to the mood :)

Italo said...

everytime romantic. I like your posts of description of the "woman in Art"!

Carol Andre' said...

Ooooooh, Karen- that makes me feel wonderful! I was hoping people would enjoy it!
Italo- thank you- I want people to understand how much of an artist is "art"- it is our heart and soul, and we put our hearts and souls into it! :-)