Friday, August 27, 2010

Chihuahua puppies, mini painting updates

Chillin' Acrylic 3"x5"

Here's the latest painting, unvarnished yet. I loved painting this guy. I LOVE pugs- they have so much character!
I'm reposting my rabbit- I just wasn't happy with him so painted some more on his body, it's softer now. Hope you can see the difference. Hard with computers...
Rabbit (Untitled yet) casein

Evening Stroll Acrylic
I also did a tiny bit of work on this piece and managed to scan it- I think the color is truer, so decided to re-post it as well.

This past weekend we had a really nice get-away in Galena, visiting BRIO gallery where my artwork is represented, meeting and lunching with another gallery artist from that area, and on Sat. we went for a motorcycle ride. It was very hot and humid the whole time we were there, but even so I managed to find some cattle out enjoying themselves- so ofcourse, heat or no- I HAD to get some photos. I've only managed to download a few. I have some really cute shots with my telephoto lense I have to download yet. The one group we found were in a gorgeous field with a beautiful stream so I got some shots with lovely reflections. Can't wait to paint some cattle! I love to watch cattle being cattle- I'm sure for most folks it would be a bit like watching paint dry. Poor Robert- he has to put up with my foolishness!

And finally- the puppies. I've sold 2 and (so mad at myself) the first went so quickly- they were going to come back that evening to pick her up, couldn't wait and arrived hours early!- so I didn't get an updated photo of my little black girl. My other two I will have through the weekend then one of them will be gone as well. I've been taking them outside to have some romps and fun. As you can see, the family is all having a great time in the sun! The puppies just love it- so much fun to watch them leap into the air and sometimes toddle over!

The Moms





Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Wow - you have been busy Carol. All the paintings are beautiful - I do love what you did to the rabbit's coat. Your little family of puppies are really coming along - just delightful!!!

DEB said...

You've been extremely busy! Wonderful job on the pug and the bunny. Don't know how you found the time with all else going on!

Krista Hasson said...

Your Pug is outstanding, I love them also so much character on those little faces. Your puppies are too cute I want one :)(just joking I already have 2 dogs) My daughter your freak if she saw these