Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hello again...

I'm finally finding a bit of time to post a few more photos. Some from the photoshoot, and a couple more from our Louisiana trip. Then to finish... TaDa...
I've started a new miniature carving. I had a painting on the easel when I left, which has since been consigned to the trashbin. We won't talk about that one! It happens now and then. I've had so much going on this past couple of weeks since getting home from the trip- unpacking, then going to my folks to help them pack for their trip. A very, very ill dog to attend to (thankfully she's much better), the normal piano lessons, house cleaning, and much harp practice, being very "rusty" since we were gone so long. But it's coming back with much work. Yaayyy!

I hope you enjoy the photos I'm posting, and also that you will enjoy following along as I begin carving again - but never fear - I'll still be painting as well. Never a dull moment here...

Here's a few more photos from the photoshoot. The fawns were soooo adorable, and soooo approachable. How fun was this? :-)

This was the "look". Cameras in hand, a chat now and then, and constantly on the lookout for a good shot!

I got to hold a coyote, a wolf, a fox, and a racoon. That was alot of fun too.

Here's the beginning of the carving. I drew out the pattern, sawed out the piece, and now today I started carving. It's been a long time, but it's coming back. The "ugly" little piece of wood in the funny shape is the blank. I thought you might like to see my carving "dustbox" that I work in also. You can see how small the blank is compared to the reference photos.

You can see some of my reference photos I'm using.

This fellow really grabbed my attention. He was such a pretty fellow and I'm always into birds. ;-)

This was our Cajun motorcycle "gang"- we had a great time riding around together.

We ran cross this old church which had been hidden by brush and undergrowth previously. Our friends had never seen it before in all the times they'd passed that way. We wandered around, looking in the church and around the grounds, finding the cemetary behind it very overgrown. How sad... what memories are held within those crumbling walls? It was a very haunting, emotional place.

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