Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogger doesn't like me!!!

It has been quite awhile since I've posted. Some of that is my fault (and Christmas), but I have difficulties getting on blogger sometimes. It asks me to sign in, I do, it asks again, over and over, never accepting me in. Then a different day I get right in!!! Very strange.

I want to wish everyone a Happy, if belated, New Year as well. Here's hoping the new year will bring us into better times.

OK, here is what I've been working on: finishing a fish carving for my daughter. Painting the pelican, touching up a couple of pieces that I'd done awhile back, decided I wasn't happy with.

Now I'm painting a new piece, but no photos of it yet. I'll post the fish carving (not mounted yet unfortunately). I have to wait for my husband's help to drill out the base before I can mount the fish. Am afraid of slipping doing it alone and ruining the piece that's carved for the base.

Here's the pelican wip - painting the back feathers, the breast and belly are also painted, just no photo...

This is a princess parrotfish. This is NOT a miniature. They are rather strange looking fish (parrotfish). They also do something rather unusual when they sleep- they form a "bubble" around themselves of a clear substance. I imagine it is a form of "early warning" protection. But if something gets that close... But then, perhaps the bubble "stuff" would confuse the predator. There are alot of different ones. I chose this one because of the colors and subtleties of color change. You can see a bit of it in the photos if you look closely. There is a light, soft blue, turquoise, green over turquoise (just barely hinted at), orangey-salmon going into purple-pink, etc. He was a challenge to find reference for, and then to paint. I will be glad when he's finished and sitting in his new home!


DEB said...

Carol, you are an amazingly talented person. These carvings are stunning!

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks so much Deb. I'll have to post a few of my "old" pieces for you all to see.

Mona said...

Carol, these are both so beautiful. The detail of the miniature is wonderful, and I love the parrotfish, esp. it's beautiful coloring. How the eyes are done? Is it some kind of insert, such as glass, or painted on the wood?