Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm BACK!!!

I haven't been allowed into my blog since I first set it up!!! Hoping it will finally like me and let me post!

I have entered the world of miniature art and am loving it. Just sent off a number of minis to 2 shows this morning. Ready to start a new piece tomorrow. For now here are a few of the minis I've submitted to shows. The little pomeranian was sold back in the fall, but the others are on their way to The Snow Goose Gallery in Bethlehem, Pa. and Seaside Gallery in Nag's Head, NC. I'll try and post more tomorrow.


Tracy Hall: said...

Hi Carol - These are all beautiful, I am sure you will do really well at the upcoming shows!

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks much Tracy. I hope so!!! It's going to be very fun to get going in some of the mini shows and get to meet other folks doing the minis too!