Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Thurs., my favorite day!

No piano lessons and I'm free to paint all day! I just sent off 2 boxes of paintings to galleries for miniature shows. Have a little elk calf nearing completion. Just need to do the last "fix-it's" and he'll be ready to frame. I haven't decided my next piece yet. That will happen today, I'll have to see what inspires me!

The weather has finally gotten nicer and I am looking forward to my summer flowers. I actually enjoy winter and love "blizzardy" days- make me feel cozy in my studio. But I'm ready for some sun, some green grass, and lots of flowers!
I had intended to post a few of my illustrations that I've done for an atlas for a local Indian tribe here in Minnesota, but once again my blog is doing it's own thing. I did manage to get the toad to post, but then it decided it would post the scratch pieces. Rather than not post something for you to hopefully enjoy I decided to just leave them! I do love the scratch art, but it is very hard on my wrists! (Carpal tunnel).
Well, I'm off for a day in the studio. Have a great day!

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