Friday, June 5, 2009

Egret WIP

Well, here's the first "installment". He's beginning to look the way I want him. Still a ways to go though... Hoping I can capture the trailing feathers reflection in the water. When I took the reference shots I failed to notice some sort of plant in the foreground which blocked his reflection nearly completely so I'm going on "instinct" with that part. I just have to quit focusing on those animals and see the rest of the world! Heeheehee... I just love animals, that's my problem. :-)
This fellow was in full breeding plumage and just beautiful. I am changing the lighting as at the time I saw him it was mid-day, and I want to put in the sunset colors and am changing the color of the water just a bit as well. As you can see, it's not exactly the colors of the original sketch- I knew it wouldn't be at the time I did the sketch, but the sketch helped me with the general direction I wanted to go. I refine as I begin painting. I may get better with the colored pencils over time, but I really didn't want to spend that much time on that- just get a feel for what I thought I wanted to do.


Barbara A. Freeman said...

Looking really good Carol. I like the reflective glow you have going.

Mona said...

I love how this one is going Carol. It's a fun challenge to create your own time of day with the color, and a great idea that you did the colored pencil sketch, which has it's own beauty.

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks Mona and Barbara. I did enjoy doing that sketch. I think it helped alot to picture the finished piece in my mind.

José said...


The reflections and the lighting look great.
I like the composition, which goes really well with the bird's shape.

Kind regards,


Carol Andre' said...

Thanks Jose'. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. For some reason it didn't inform me you had commented. Hope you see the final piece in its finished form.