Thursday, June 18, 2009

Out in the BIG World!!!

We went out in the big, scarey world for the first time. It was HUGE! Where's mom? Where's my box?
The puppies have started to try to play- they lift a front paw, totter a bit, then tip over. It's funny to watch. They also have started to look at the top of the box- it will soon be time to find a higher one!!!


by Artist Terry Howell Stanley, PSA said...

Such cute little beasties...I wonder what my bulldog would think of the pipsqueaks LOL?

SP said...

So SWEEEEEEET!, and compliments, your art, your blog, even the music is perfect! :)

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks SP- and Terry- so sorry, I somehow missed your comment. I can't post on other blogs for some reason, which I have heard is a problem for many right now. Not sure what is going on and why it's not fixed, but perhaps something is also causing me not to get the messages that someone has posted here.
SP, I am so glad you enjoyed my blog, my art, and the music. That's the type music I listen to as I paint- I love to have soothing background- some days it just fits my mood- and other days I need it as I tear my hair out over a painting that won't "behave"!!! :-)