Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year's and resolutions

This has been a difficult fall and early winter. Too many things to do, illness, and just generally the "not enough time" syndrome! I never did get to really delve into my thoughts from that ride on the back of the motorcycle! I've not forgotten though! It will happen, eventually. I am going to try and get back on track with my original intentions for this blog- to let you into my thoughts as well as my life just a bit to learn who I am and what makes me "tick". Perhaps to understand a bit better where my art comes from. I believe art comes from who we are and what we experience. So to know an artist better is to understand their art just a little bit better. (At least I believe this!)
I have begun another painting, finished the wolf, and still need to get back to the rooster. He's my "evening, when I'm not too tired" project! I'll try and post a WIP of the latest- it's a real "bugger" for me. I've never done real architecture before and this one is just full of lines, corners, porches, dormers... I spent the entire afternoon just drawing out the house. The background is in. I'll try and photograph it and the finished wolf over the weekend and get them posted!
I've made several resolutions for the coming year. I've always tried to do that and it never involves anything large- just simple things like doing a better job of doggy toenail trimming! :-P This year I want to play my piano more, exercise more, trim those doggy toenails, continue to paint, and last but not least, I've purchased a gift for myself. A dream I've always had- to play the harp. One is about to be built just for me! It will take a couple of months, and then I resolve to learn to play it! I am so excited. I will post photos once it has arrived to take it's place next to my beautiful piano. They are both gorgeous instruments both to hear and to look at. What a lucky girl I am!
Do you make New Year's resolutions? I've heard many folks say they don't- they can't/don't keep them anyway. I've always made them for years with the exception of last year for some reason. Don't know why. And with the exception of one year, I've always kept them. I have never made multiple ones before. But none are "exceptional" or terribly difficult so hopefully I can follow through on all of them. I believe in doing this resolution thing. It's a commitment to the new year. It's a commitment to doing something useful, to doing something to make yourself a better person, to doing something that might be good for someone (or something) else. Why wouldn't you want to do this? Unless you don't like commitment! :-) So here's to the New Year- may it (and we) all be better, happier, and more productive than we were in 2009!


The Celtic American said...

Best of luck on your resolutions - they're good ones. Funny on how you'll be learning the harp, and one of my resolutions is to teach my first harp student. Too bad we're in different states!

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks Pat. Love your new blog. Yes, I wish we were as well. That's next on my list- finding a harp teacher! It would have been nice to have one with a Webster!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Hi Carol, good to see you back. Good luck on keeping your resolutions. Looking forward to seeing your new work and photos of your harp! Glad you are feeling better. Stay well.