Monday, December 21, 2009

WIP- Rooster

I just couldn't stand it any longer- I MISS MY STUDIO!!! I went down yesterday and got my colored pencils which I've never done alot with, just messing around in my sketchbook a bit- and decided to see what I could do with them. Climbed into bed, turned on the Christmas music, and worked on this rooster which I had drawn out already. I rather enjoyed my afternoon. My morning piano student (a man) really loved it- thought it was some sort of Christmas card sitting there! ha! Anyway, here's the latest from the "sickie"! :-) (I'm not sure how the colors will look to you- he looked fairly close when I worked on him in photoshop, now when I look at the post preview he looks too dark. The paper is white, his breast is just slightly cream colored so you can judge accordingly.


Gail Hayton said...

Carol,I really like this piece. Very fresh looking.

Mona said...

Yay, Carol! It's great to see you spring into action, and lovely already to look at.

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks Gail and Mona. I'm not sure how "springy" I am Mona, but at least I got something done! I'm not all that terribly ill, just bad enough, and I get pneumonia/bronchitis so easily I have to be really careful. Bummer, but that's the way it is.
I did manage to make some cookies today. :-) I looove cookies at Christmas.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Great start Carol, I'll be checking back. Chickens are great subjects. I love colored pencil for just this reason. All you need is an idea and something to put it on! Glad you are feeling up to making some art! I am now fighting a cold and I've not been sick for years, but now... it's hard to make it to my studio, so I know how you feel! Here's to health and creativity in 2010!

James F. Smith said...

Love the Rooster!! That was a good idea. Just paint when things are not so great!! When we have snow I paint or grab a camera and get some good shots for later images. That was what I did last night. The surprized snow was what I did. Photoshop and photos was fun last night. Mean while, Happy New Year Carol and thanks so much for your sharing your talents to all of us artists and non-artists!

DEB said...

Ooooh Carol, I really like this! Your rooster looks regal, indeed! Love the fade too.

I just listened to the radio show you did with Kim McCool...I meant to listen to it sooner, but something always came up. It's so fun to hear my blogging buddies' voices, and it was wonderful to hear of your experiences. I spent the other day with a man, Jim McCullough, who retired in 1992 from creating these amazing dioramas. He sold a lot at the Easton Waterfowl festival in MD, and they have a lot of carvers there, so I was thinking of you. He has a beautiful collection of carved birds.

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks Deb, Jim, and Barbara. I'm finally gettng back to my blog after being ill and then the holidays (some of which overlapped)
Barbara, hope by now you're feeling much better. I'll be back at the rooster hopefully this week sometime.
Deb, it's been awhile since that interview. Glad you enjoyed it. It's nice that it's posted so people can listen to it whenever they want. I miss my carving buddies. Still keep in touch with several of them, but used to do the show "circuit" and saw them several times a year. Always a great time, great friends.