Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A future harpist!!!

I have ordered a harp- to be built just for me! I've always dreamed of playing a harp (and the bagpipes!) I decided my husband would probably appreciate the practice learning the harp more than the bagpipes. :-)
I am buying a William Webster McFall style harp- it is designed after an antique McFall- I love harps, I love antiques, this one has a beautiful sound to go with a beautiful harp. Bill has been very patient with me and all the decisions that have to be made. We are now trying to get the "right" color- I want a stain similar to my grand piano. He is building the harp in birds-eye maple for me! Gonna have carving and everything!!! I'm a sucker for carving (being a carver and all.) I'll post a few "in progress" photos. I am soooo excited. I hope perhaps to eventually do harp therapy. Harp music is so soothing to the soul.
BTW- check out Celtic Americans blog for a link to a gorgeous piece of music (from Star Trek the Next Generation of all places!)


Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

How very exciting Carol, to watch your harp evolve. All the best with your Harp lessons - sounds like so much fun!!!

The Celtic American said...

Hey! Bill sent you photos of different stages of assembly than he did for me!