Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mixed bag of Easter, Art, and Harp

I've started a new WIP piece of 2 of the cutest pugs ever. What characters they are! I also have a second small WIP going so will post both so you can see the progress. I just did the drawing last evening.

I have been working on the small piece in watercolor pencil. Believe I will be adding colored pencil as well, unless I finish the wc and decide to stop there! I just love turtles on logs sunning themselves- never get tired of watching them do that! Have no idea why, not exactly alot of action! :-)

We had a wonderful Easter- the day just flew by. My granddaughter had a great time hunting the eggs Mr. Bunny left. We did a "potluck" which ended up being quite fun and made it easy on everyone. LOTS of good food too.

Thought I'd give you an idea of the size of my harp...


artbylmr said...

Your harp is beautiful! Also, can't wait to see your WIP progress! Your work is fabulous - I love ACEO sized and other smaller work.
I will have to check out your older cooking posts - always looking for new recipes!
Thanks for visiting my blog and come back anytime!

DEB said...

What a GORGEOUS instrument! Now you have to play some music, and post it as background on your blog so we all can hear!!