Thursday, April 29, 2010

Updated Works In Progress

Last week was a total wash as far as getting anything done with having my mom here to take care of and this week has been almost as bad. I tried to work some on the turtles last week- the first photo of it was where it was previous to last weeks work.

I had a hard time trying to get the color corrected as you can see. I think the true color is "somewhere in between" these, although I believe it is closer to the bottom one. I have the sun coming in the window- directly in my eyes. Evening seems to be the only time I really have to do this sort of thing and it's always such a bad time to try and see the color.

I was able to do some painting today. When I go down to the studio I have hopes of getting further than I ever do. Today was no exception. I spent alot more time down there than it looks!!! These miniatures take alot of time to get them "right".
I've been "fighting" with that goose all afternoon, and now the duck has joined the fray! Persistence hopefully will pay off and I'll get them the way I want them!


Mona said...

Carol, very nice progress on both of these, and the background in the one with the geese is just so 'spot-on'!

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Did you start on the little turtle painting ages ago Carol - I had such a sense of De ja vu when I looked at it, that I thought maybe I had seen earlier progress shots of it - I love this one. I hope you do get time out whilst caring for your Mum, it is so important!!!

Carol Andre' said...

Oh, thank you so much Mona. Yes, Karen, it's in cp and I do that on my "off" times when I can't get to the studio but want to work, maybe in the evening if I'm not too tired, etc. So they are generally "slow going", altho lately life has been a bit rough and I'm not getting much of anything done at a good pace.
:-( Hoping things improve soon. This is terrible, getting no work done and so little studio time.

DEB said...

I know what you mean about the fidgeting, but I must say these are wonderful miniatures Carol! I have the same problem sometimes with lighting. I bought a daylight lamp that clamps onto the edge of the table, and it really helps in those evening hours.