Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Day Out!

Dear hubby and I were out and about yesterday enjoying some time together. We went first to the Swedish Institute in Minneapolis to see a Scandinavian woodcarving exhibit which was SO much fun to see. Hubby said- "Makes you want to get out your knives, doesn't it?" People new to the former mansion the museum is housed in don't always realize WHAT they are seeing. Just to go into the former home is phenomenal. The woodwork is everywhere and EVERYWHERE is carved! (That's NOT the carving exhibition.) Just the music room has I don't know how many cherub angels around it, each different! For a pair of carvers like us it is just breathtaking to go in and see. OK, so then on to Como Park Conservatory to see the Sunken Garden room. It wasn't as spectacular as it was a couple of weeks ago, but given a few more days will be again- some areas had "bloomed out" and been replanted. Here are just a few shots for you. Hope you enjoy.

I always try to get a photo of Dear Patient Robert waiting for me to take my photos. This time he was doing some "people watching". :)

This is always such a beautiful spot to come and enjoy.  We had a fun and relaxing day.  Hope your get to do something like this- it's good for the soul!


Wes and Rachelle Siegrist said...

Gorgeous flowers Carol! Looks like you and Robert had a GREAT day together!

Carol Andre' said...

We DID have a great day. Don't get many of them these days. Just no time. AND- we even stopped on the way home and had an ice cream sundae. :) How could it be a date without yummy food? Ha!

Wendy Mould said...

The flowers are lovely, you are definitely a bit earlier in the season than us. I know it wont be long before we will also be able to enjoy them.

Carol Andre' said...

Well, these are actually in a conservatory so they are "in bloom" all year. But we do have a few flowers out a good month early. It's going to be one of those Easter where we can have the "hunt" outside unless it rains. :-) I always love an outdoor Easter egg hunt. My youngest granddaughter will be here. It may be our last hunt- she's 7 now.