Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finished calf, onward and upward!!!

Well, here is the second WIP photo along with the finished piece. He was alot of fun to do and I enjoyed having that little face looking back at me! I keep forgetting to photograph with the penny- this little guy is 3"x 4.5" in size- and that penny really helps put it in perspective.
I've started on a new piece, and I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow. It's quite a bit smaller, but it's a "fuzzy" fellow so difficult to achieve what I'm after. He's past his "ugly" stage and actually looking fairly good. Now that I've said that I hope he turns out!!! You never know- I might drop the paint brush and ruin the whole thing! :-)
The weather has been gorgeous today- downright hot! I did manage to get out and do a bit of weeding and clean up in my iris bed. Poor iris- had a terrible infestation of borer last year, surprised any are left. I suppose I'll have them again this year. I have back issues so I can't just dig them up and clean them all out. So either they'll sink or swim on their own I guess. But I do so love iris- I hope they swim!

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