Monday, May 25, 2009

Coyote Landscape WIP

This is a piece I've been working on for quite awhile. Between the fact that spring has come with all the work that entails, the technic I've been using on this is miniature style, highly detailed and this is a bit larger piece- 5"x7", so technically this is not a miniature, but a small work. There is so much to paint that it really took alot of time.
I did a quick sketch of my idea first, then transferred it to the support and began painting. You can see- a painting has to go through the "ugly" stage before it begins to pull together!
Hope you all have a gread Memorial weekend.

I've repainted the stream to a better color than the original and have reposted it as it is now. I believe it is better and more realistic. It was too "blue" previously and didn't blend well.


Barbara A. Freeman said...

NICE! Carol, wow, you weren't kidding... all the rocks to paint! But I like it and you did a great job with the landscape.

Carol Andre' said...

Yup- those rocks took me forever!!! But I sure did enjoy painting that landscape when it was looking like a landscape!!! Ha! I had a reference photo for the coyote facing the other direction with totally different lighting, so had to flip him and change the lighting which was all a bit of a challenge. I also had to change the lighting on the landscape reference as I wanted the backlighting and I took the reference around mid day. But it's kind of fun seeing what you can do that way.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mona said...

Carol, this is just an amazing painting. I love the soft feeling you got with it. What was your medium and surface? (I know you work in several mediums)

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks very much Mona. Can you tell I love detail?!!! Oh, sorry, I didn't even think to mention what the medium was! It's casein which I am very new to- only have done 3 pieces (I think) in it- absolutely love it. Done on masonite, with all the archival/gessoing/absorbant ground layers underneath! It takes me nearly as long to get my support ready as it does to paint it! ha! (Not really, but sometimes it feels that way!)

Mona said...

Quite impressive for only your third try with casein also! At first I thought it might be colored pencil. It has great luminosity.

Carol Andre' said...

I am loving working with the casein- great medium that for some reason is fairly unknown/uncommon.
I love color, and even more than that I love the challenge of trying to really "pop" that light. Great lighting has become my "goal".

Tracy Hall: said...

Well now I thought it was coloured pencil, Carol! I know nothing about it so you will have to do a post explaining :)

ps those puppies are absolutely adorable. Update when your ready!

Carol Andre' said...

Sorry Tracy it has taken me so long. It's been a terribly hectic week- I'm worn out totally!
Interestint you and Mona both thought it was cp! I'm not terribly familiar with them so don't know why that would be. As I go along I will try and talk about the caseins and other things I think artists and collectors, and viewers in general may find interesting. :-)