Friday, May 8, 2009

Ducklings, Ducklings, Turtles and More!

WOW- What a gorgeous day I had Wed.! The weather was spectacular, the sights at Como even better! I went intending to try and find the ducklings- hardly was out of the car when I saw the cutest little boy with a HUGE hat playing in the dirt. Couldn't get to the camera quick enough so missed that shot but got a wonderful one of his "dandelion for mom". Would have loved to just follow him around the lake! But I was there for a purpose- ducklings, so... Ducklings I got! I can't believe the lovely shots I got- what fun they will be to paint. I even splurged and got some enlarged just to put up in my studio to enjoy when next winter hits! As always-turtles galore as well. They are so fun to watch, but so wary. You can't get too close- they're gone, ker-splash!
I had hoped to go out again yesterday in another direction but my back and leg just wouldn't let me. Perhaps next week. If so, I'll be glad I waited! This is the most beautiful time of year and so short.


Wes and Rachelle Siegrist said...

Great photos Carol! The little kid with the dandelion would make a cute mini and of course the ducklings would go home with a happy purchaser when you opt to paint them. Keep living life to the full!


Carol Andre' said...

Thanks Wes. Isn't he a cutie?! I just wanted to follow him around all morning, but I was there for the ducklings so... Ofcourse once I found them I was in "duckling heaven" too! VBG