Monday, September 28, 2009

Back from Branson

We left on a motorcycle trip to Branson, MO. Sept. 18th and arrived home Sat. evening. It was a cold and rainy ride. I think it will be the only long trip we will be taking! I prefer our 5th wheel and all it's comforts. Besides- I missed my studio buddies!

We did get to take in a couple of shows and also went down to wander over our acres in northern Arkansas, just over the border and not far from Branson. Just out of the "big" town of Blue Eye which is part in MO and part in Ark.!

I'm posting the views from the spot we want to build a home someday. The views are to die for, and nearly all the way around. And wildlife (the animal kind!)... my idea of heaven.

I did alot of "thinking" on the back of that bike.

I'll put some of my thoughts in future posts (if I can remember them!) As usual, I thought about "what next" (to paint) and that sort of thing, but I also thought about the meaning art has for me and emotions. How can an animal or a still life or a landscape trigger "emotions". Light bulbs came on, now if only I can remember all that I realized on that rainy ride. I am too tired at this point to go there, but I hope to express some of what I realized and learned about this subject on that ride. Until I am able to do that I just wanted to say "hi" and "how are ya?"!


DEB said...

Looks like you got some beautiful photos on your trip - even if it was cold and rainy!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Welcome "home", Carol. Now a hot bath with some fragrant salts to ease your body and mind. Then get back to that easel and paint! Looking forward to all the new work I know you're ready to do. Have fun!

James F. Smith said...

Some great photos to work with for a new painting!!

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks everyone. Actually I hardly got any photos, but we did get to see a couple of shows. I'm afraid I may either have the flu or bronchitis- no painting for me for a bit. I feel AWFUL! But I've just gotta post something today- wait until you see what it is... :-)