Sunday, September 13, 2009

Radio interview!

Just to let you know in case you would like to listen I will be a guest on the Kim McCool radio show this Monday (September 14) at 2PM Central Time. I hope you can
listen 'live' or listen to the replay! The name of the program is Discover the Heart of Art with Kim McCool. If you can't listen in "live" you can listen anytime at by clicking on Blog Radio button on her site and then clicking the "Play Now" button.

and click on 'Blog Radio'.

I am excited and honored to be asked (and a bit nervous). Let me know what you think or if you enjoy it. Thanks.


Mona said...

good luck Carol! I'm looking forward to hearing more about you and your art story on Monday.

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks Mona. Hope you enjoy it!

Italo said...

Ciao Carol, here I'm excited for your interview You deserve all the best, for your art, and for your kindness too :D

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks Italo. You're a sweetie. I'm getting soooo nervous as the time draws closer! I'm sure I'll be fine once we get started. :-)

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Good luck Carol and I'm sure you will be great! I look forward to hearing you. I usually listen on download later.

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks Barbara. I do that as well- I teach piano and generally am busy with that. Today is different! VBG