Monday, September 14, 2009

Hornbill miniature

I did manage to get a bit of painting done this past weekend. I finished up this hornbill on Fri. I had a terrible time getting the color right to post, it's still not quite there, but fairly close, altho my signature doesn't stand out quite this much. I just loved this bird. He was HUGE and so interesting. This piece is casein on illustration board. 3"x2"
I'll be going on a motorcycle trip with my husband this week so this will be my last post I think for awhile, unless I stop by to say something about the radio interview which is happening in just a bit. Yikes! Stomach just did a flip! :-O


DEB said...

What a beautiful painting! I always have the hardest time trying to get yellows to photograph or scan well too. What I see looks nice though. I like the way you composed the color - sort of a rainbow pattern.

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks Deb. Yes, when I got the yellows to look right, then the dark back feathers went "purple", and they are a gray blue. Touches of purple, but not so that you "notice" it. So I decided the screaming YELLOW was better than the purple back and gave up! :-P
He was such an interesting subject. I wish I could go and get more photographs of him. I was just fascinated by him for some reason.

Carol Andre' said...

I also wish I could remember "what kind" of hornbill he is!

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Wonderful Carol - the background offsets the colours of the bird to perfection. I'm not familiar with this bird at all, but the yellow looks great - and the overall painting looks both powerful and delicate!!!

Italo said...

I know what kind is: it's a BEAUTIFUL one! :D
Very impressed, for all dear Carol

Carol Andre' said...

Karen, I saw this fellow at the San Diego Zoo and somehow didn't get written down what he was. (There were so many animals there that I was unfamiliar with, I got most of them, but it was hard trying to describe/diferrentiate when so many were hoofed/horned/and brown with stripes or tan!) This guy tho- I don't know how I missed it-2ce yet! I went back last year and saw him again... darn it.
Italo, you once again have made me chuckle. You're such a sweetie.