Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Memories

Please forgive the slowness on the WIP wolf- between holidays and now I have a "bug" (hope it's not swine flu!) so no painting is happening... :-(

Well, Thanksgiving 2009 is just a memory, but what a nice one. We had a fairly quiet day just enjoying being "family".

I love them all so much- it was a wonderful day. And I hardly had to do a thing!!! We all brought food to share, and Andrea and Matthias made the turkey and trimmings.

We opened a few gifts as Grammy and Grampy will be heading south before Christmas sometime. Looks like there will be a few fish caught with Jenny's and Tony's new rods! :-)


Barbara A. Freeman said...

So sorry you feel bad again Carol! A speedy recovery to you! Looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving and you have a lovely family.

Carol Andre' said...

We did have a lovely day, and thank you- I think so too! They are lovely inside and out!
This fall has been a "bummer"- seems like I've been ill half of it!