Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Duck update and PUPPIES!!!

It's been a VERY hectic week. We now have 2 litters of chihuahua puppies! It's been happy/sad for me. I lost one and have been working to save my littlest guy. I'm crossing my fingers, so far so good. He seems to be getting a bit stronger. I am getting up several times a night to feed him and also supplement him throughout the day. Mostly I'm doing "puppy, puppy, puppy"!
I have managed to fit in a bit of work on my art. I've added some darkness to the water, but I just can not get the color right on the computer. It looks too yellow and dull. It has a bit more life to it. Computers are wonderful things, but... I'm also working on another landscape miniature and hope to complete that tomorrow.

Here is the finished hen mallard...

I hope you enjoy seeing my babies. I absolutely love to have these puppies, even with all the work, heartache, and sleepless nights. They are little miracles to me.
This is the tiny fellow...
I show him with a quarter so you can hopefully get an idea of just how tiny he is.

Here's daddy. The baby by birth weight is weighing in to be a lb. smaller than his daddy, who is a bit less than 3.5 lbs!

Here are the two mamas. Both are good mamas, but poor Pooka seems to me to know her baby is having troubles, so she is more protective (with me) and seems to be "worried". I hope that is soon in the past. Widget, the black mama is protective with strangers, but not nasty, just very "on top of things". Otherwise she is laid back and relaxed with her babies. They are eating so well they even have chubby legs!


Barbara A. Freeman said...

Hi Carol, My you sure do have your hands full! Such tiny cuties! Your duck came out beautiful. The colors look good on my monitor. I know what you mean though. Lots of times my work looks faint or pale and I scan them not photograph them. Have fun with your landscape and puppies!

DEB said...

Your duck painting is lovely, and I don't doubt that it is even moreso in person!

What wonderful photos of your pets! That little guy looks like he's a little bald on top still - how cute is that?!

I'm sure it's all you can do not to cuddle them 24/7. And the black mom - that photo looks good enough to paint.

Thanks for sharing and I hope you get some sleep tonight Carol.

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks Barbara and Deb. I am so happy he seems to be making progress. Yes, the hair on the top of his head is so tiny/short. He's actually not bald, but it's so fine and lays so flat he looks that way! I'll try to get more photos tomorrow of the 4 of them. Hey, Deb, maybe you could do a painting of a collection of chi puppies!!! VBG

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Ohhhh the precious little darlings - I do hope your little one survives Carol. I always feel excited whenever we have new life in any form (our finches have had babies every 6 weeks for the last 2 years, and our mice recently had their first litter). All your puppies look so beautiful!!!!

The Celtic American said...

Congrats and condolences on the new little ones.I'll be pulling for the littlest one. Please keep us updated!

artbylmr said...

Thanks so much for sharing your little cuties! Glad you broke the ice on my banner giveaway!

I hope the tiniest pulls through for you - They must be so light in your hand. I always loved holding tiny little kittens because they are light as a feather :)