Sunday, July 18, 2010

Puppies, Gardens and Latest Landscape Painting

I finished this several days ago but have been so busy with my puppies I just didn't have time to get it posted. I hope you enjoy it- it's a watercolor. I love the midwest scenes. They are so nostalgic and peaceful feeling.

Here are the latest photos of the babies. Widget, the black mama is very laidback. She's a wonderful mama. Pooka is much less stressed now, and she's a good mama, but not quite as devoted as Widget. Widget sometimes helps me out with feeding Tiny Boy. She would adopt him happily. Unfortunately her little "horses" (my name for her babies) are doing so well he would NEVER get a place at the table!

Here you can see a bit better how much smaller he is than his sister, and she is not that big. Both are smaller than Widgets babies. They are 3 days younger, but also will be smaller dogs.

Lastly- here is a new joy in my life! My small garden plot my husband dug for me. It isn't large and as you can see I've crammed as much in it as I possibly can and still get to the harvest! I am hoping next year to have another small plot added and that will be enough for me (and my back!) Fresh green beans and summer squash tonight! :-)


The Celtic American said...

Happy to see the puppies thriving!!! and the landscape is delightful.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Your landscapes always transport me to the country and make me long for a 'Tree Change' Carol - you have such a gift for beautiful colours and light in your landscapes - I love how the horizon softly fades away!!

DEB said...

You HAVE been busy! Beautiful painting, and what a wonderful job you've done keeping that little puppy alive!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Very nice landscape Carol, so dreamy. It takes me back to my childhood. I like the format you've used. Good luck with your new puppies, so cute! Love the garden!