Friday, July 2, 2010

Experiments in Colored Pencil

In my search for artwork that can be done at times I can't be in my studio I keep coming back to colored pencils. I find my strength in the "art arena" seems to be anything done in a "drawing" style. Such as scratchboard, pastels, colored pencils, and ofcourse illustration done with pen and ink or graphite.
I had my mom here for a few days again to give my dad a short break (she has alzheimers for new readers). When she's here I can't be in my studio, thus this is part of the reason for the search. I have to say if I can get it worked out to my satisfaction I think colored pencils will be the answer.

Experiment #1 was done using MDF board. It was going well until I needed to put more layers on in some areas and the board wouldn't take any more. So I sprayed it with workable fixative- either it did NOT like the board or it was because it was the bottom of the can. I'm suspecting the latter. It was like I had sprayed the piece with varnish- so that was it. I couldn't do another thing. :-( It was looking somewhat like a watercolor before it was ruined.

I finished this piece done on Arches water color paper yesterday. I was able to achieve my darks that I wanted, but still not really happy with the support. I'll keep experimenting.


Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

This is beautiful Carol. Did you try the drafting film as a support - I know it's not for everyone, but it does give a lovely smooth look. The only thing is I find you can't easily rework it, like the board you used, once fixative has been applied. I love seeing your pencil work and look forward to seeing more :))

Tracy Hall said...

Sorry to hear the problems you had with the supports, Carol. I'm not much help with coloured pencil, but have you tried crescent HP watercolour board? Very nice duck though.

DEB said...

Your works are beautiful Carol. I run into the same issues with supports. That's why I do so many mixed media pieces. I end up painting acrylics or gouache over the pencil, just to darken or to give me a surface I can paint on. Another thing I like to do - I use clayboard and then if I'm not getting the color I want with the layers, I can scrape down to the clay and start over a few times if I need to.

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks Karen, Tracy, and Deb. I have alot more experimenting to do I suspect before I'll be satisfied. But I do love working with the cp's. I also have alot to learn with them to get where I want to expertise-wise! I love the softness I can get with the cp's.